Vasilikos Coffee House


The Vasilikos Coffee House & Village Store are located in Vasilikos, on the Island of Zakynthos (or Zante) in Greece.

The Coffee House and adjacent Village Store have been open for the last 21 years. They are open seasonally between May through to the 2nd. week of October. The Coffee House is run by Yanni Tsakos who speaks fluent Greek, English and Austrian (actually even a bit of German). Yanni lives in Zakynthos during the summer season and works in Vienna, Austria through the winter. He was brought up both in Greece and in London. Tinika (Yani’s mother) runs the Village Store, she lives in Zakynthos during the summer season and in Thessaloniki during the winter, Tinika speaks fluent Greek, English, Austrian and Dutch. Xhronis (Yanni’s father) oversee both the Coffee House and Village store and like Tinika spend the summer in Zakynthos and winter in his home town of Thesaloniki.